About us

The Sudbury Rowing Club (SRC) is located on the beautiful shores of Ramsey Lake. Here, rowers have access to over 30km of shoreline and some of the most beautiful sunrises the city has to offer.

The Sudbury Rowing Club boasts a storied history dating back to the early 1900s when sculling races graced the waters of Ramsey Lake as part of Dominion Day (Canada Day) regattas.

Formally established in 1990, the Club emerged from the vision of a cadre of local enthusiasts. The City generously allowed the Club to store its small fleet of wooden boats within a fenced in area along the shore of Ramsey Lake. Within a couple of years the Club experienced significant growth and forged an ongoing relationship with the Canoe Club. The City then invited the two Club’s to occupy an older building on the shore. While this marked a significant advancement, as time progressed, it became clear that expansion was hindered by spatial constraints. Moreover, the building was not accessible to individual with disabilities.

The Rowing Club, the Canoe Club and the City then embarked on a quest for a new facility; culminating in the establishment of the Northern Water Sports Centre.  This state-of-the-art facility opened it’s doors in 2016 and is now considered one of the jewels of Ramsey Lake. 

Of course the Sudbury Rowing Club owes its evolution to the dedication of many individuals. Beginning with its inaugural coach, Bob Moulton and succeeded by committed mentors, the Club has managed to provide programs that cater to many skill levels. In 2012 the Club hosted the 2012 FISA World Rowing Tour. It has also nurtured a handful of international athletes including Olympian Carling Zeeman and Paralympian Dr. Steve Daniel.

Susan Bruce, Chair
Bridget Schulte-Hostedde, Secretary
Heather MacArthur, Treasurer
Abigail Fraser
Tracy Speirs
Stefan Zhelev

Head Coach: Mary Milligan
Para Coach: Thomas Merritt

We hope to see you on the water soon.