Programs and Fees

General information that applies to all programs. Our season's commencement and conclusion are contingent upon water safety conditions, dock placements, and general housekeeping. The typical season will run from early June to early October.

How to Register

  1. Review the programs we offer and find the one that best suits your experiences and skill level.
  2. Click on the program register button to go to the Rowing Canada Website to register. 
  3. You will be prompted to create an account, and you will use this login information year after year to register each season.

If you are unsure what program is best suited for you, reach out at and we'll help you out!

New to Rowing

If you want to learn to row, this program is for you! First, you will complete a three-session Intro to Rowing, exposing you to the basic concepts of rowing and getting you comfortable in a boat. If you then decide to continue working with a coach and developing your skills, you are invited to join the Learn to Row program.

A coach boat or a recreational rower must accompany rowers in this program anytime they are on the water. They are not permitted to be on the water unattended.

Club Coxswain

For persons 13+ years wanting to participate only as a coxswain.

This person helps to steer and guide the rowers and the boat. No rowing experience is required. Coxing on water a minimum of one session per week.

FEE: $60.84

Intro to Rowing

This is a prerequisite for ALL Learn to Row programs.
Must be at least 13 years old.

The program consists of three on-water sessions.

FEE: $120

Learn to Row

This program is for graduates of the Intro to Rowing looking to continue rowing for the remainder of the season.

Participants will continue to work with a coach 2-3 times a week to develop their skills.

FEE: $160

Junior Camp

This program is for youth aged 13-17 with no prior rowing experience.

During the five 4-hour coach run sessions, participants will learn proper rowing technique, water safety, boat handling and maintenance, as well as introduction to different styles of rowing and introduction to recreational racing.

First camp starts July 8th.

FEE: $200

Learn to Row 2-3

This program is intended for those who completed the Learn to Row program last season. Participants in this program are still required to be accompanied by a coach boat, or a recreational rower while on the water.

FEE: $220


This program is intended for both new and experienced rowers who require some accommodation. The program is under the supervision of a coach, and rowers are not permitted on the water without the coach and safety boat.

FEE: $130


Recreational programs are for rowers who have been rowing for over 3 years, at either our club or another nationally recognized rowing club. 

At the coach's discretion, recreational rowers may not need to be accompanied by a coach boat while on the water.

FEE: Adult $360, Junior $330